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Traditional craftsmanship / Natural materials

Preservation of traditional skills and craftsmanship in our pieces. Handknitted cumare palm in macrame, handknitted iraca palm and hemp. Co-creation process with different artisanal groups, ethnic as Koreguaje from Caqueta, and traditional regions as Sandona, Nariño. 


For our products we use leathers from certified tanneries that make the best use of resources, wastes and the correct use of waters in the tanning process. We use cowskins and leather linings remnants from the food industry, we do not use exotic skins. Our production is locally made at our workshop in Bogotá, all our pieces are handmade.

Pre-Order / Slow fashion

We do some references in pre-order to avoid over-production excess. We take the time to reasearch, analyse and design each piece carefully with the best quality and in the just time. We want our clients to understand the value of a well crafted piece, to consume consciously by understanding the whole process and story behind each of our pieces.